New information on the CoD World League 2019 Season

The fourth year of the Call of Duty World League brings roster rule changes, the return of the Pro League, and several new initiatives aimed at rewarding the dedicated amateur scene.

By: CWL League Ops

In 2015, Call of Duty esports was forever changed with the beginning of the Call of Duty World League. During what would be known as the 2016 CWL season, the esports’ top competitors competed in region-based leagues for the opportunity to compete at the first ever CWL Championship.

The 2017 season expanded upon this concept, introducing the offline Pro League so the best Call of Duty players from around the world could compete in consistent high-level matches. It also marked the full return of open events, which gave amateur players a shot at playing against the greatest esports players in the game.

Last year, the 2018 season saw the beginning of new traditions, such as the hanging of team banners to recognize the history, accomplishment, and prestige of winning a CWL event.

Now, a new era begins for the CWL.

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