Battle Of The First Person Shooters

Ok…before we get all the social media blasts, let us provide some context. The below bracket is seeded based on the following factors; Game Play, Historical Significance, Innovation and Aesthetics (with historical significance weighted heavily). We will be posting the matchups on our twitter account for you all to vote/decide the winner.

This should be fun!!


The first round went pretty much as expected with one massive exception…#8 Destiny 2 upsetting the iconic first person shooter #1 Half Life. Although we love Destiny 2, to vote it over a game changer like Half Life, was not something we saw coming this earlier. On to round two…


The biggest takeaway from round two results is, five of the remaining eight games, are titles we had listed in our top eight. That’s a 63% confirmation of our initial rankings…not too shabby. Thank you next…


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