ByeBall Productions to join HBeLeague

Nashville, TN. – The Has Been eLeague (HBeL) announced today it has welcomed a new esports club in ByeBall Sports.

“We’re thrilled to have ByeBall Sports join HasBeen eLeague,” HBeL representative Brian Taylor said. “It’s exciting to watch our league as it continues to grow in both size and club brands after just one year of competition. We know that this club will be a tremendous addition.”

“As a team committed to FIFA Pro Clubs as our primary outlet for e-sports gaming, ByeBall Sports is very excited to be involved with the HasBeen eLeague for their FIFA 20 season. Although we are very new to the league scene that exists within the FIFA community, the opportunity to compete in a formal league setting is something that we have wanted to do for years now. We can’t thank HasBeen enough for the opportunity and look forward to the competition ahead.,” said BelieveItOrNot2.

Not wasting any time, the new club signed one of the top FIFA players in the league from HBeL darlings Vendetta GC….WyattDoesGames.

“It was a tough decision, said Wyatt. Vendetta was my childhood club but, after discussing it with my agent, we both thought it was time to follow my dream and sign for a new team. Perhaps one day I will finish my career with vendetta, but for now, I think, this is where I need to be.



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