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Snowflakes have invaded FIFA21

SOURCE: Gamesradar

FIFA 21 will not feature these two player celebrations in a bid to reduce “toxic behaviors”

While EA didn’t specify why the two celebrations concerned – the A-OK celebration and the “Shush” celebration – were being removed for the latest installment of the football franchise, it did confirm that other celebrations could also be at risk of removal if they too encouraged toxicity.

“We were told by the community that there are toxic behaviors in the game and we wanted to make sure we removed them,” said EA. “So we removed some of the celebrations that people thought were not the best idea to have in the game. The flow is shorter, which is to try to keep you playing most of the time instead of just waiting. All together the intention there is just to keep you playing instead of doing other things that may not be necessary in the game.”

SILKYJOHN5ON7 wins HasBeenGames’ Spring Series

Nashville, TN

Silky is hater of the year and now…FIFA player of the year

SILKYJOHN5ON7, competing as Real Madrid, last Sunday won the HasBeenGames Spring Series, earning the crown of the best FIFA player in the world (ok maybe not but, it sounds cool) and a prize of $30.

The Spring Series was a revised 1v1 format that HasBeenGames launched, due to team commitments in the Online Clubs format. The Spring Series took place completely online in which eight players registered to participate for their respective team of choice.

When asked for a message to his opponents…

Silky Johnson speaking after winning Hater of the Year at the ...

Battle Of The First Person Shooters

Ok…before we get all the social media blasts, let us provide some context. The below bracket is seeded based on the following factors; Game Play, Historical Significance, Innovation and Aesthetics (with historical significance weighted heavily). We will be posting the matchups on our twitter account for you all to vote/decide the winner.

This should be fun!!


The first round went pretty much as expected with one massive exception…#8 Destiny 2 upsetting the iconic first person shooter #1 Half Life. Although we love Destiny 2, to vote it over a game changer like Half Life, was not something we saw coming this earlier. On to round two…


The biggest takeaway from round two results is, five of the remaining eight games, are titles we had listed in our top eight. That’s a 63% confirmation of our initial rankings…not too shabby. Thank you next…


FIFA Xbox 1V1 Schedule Released

Nashville, TN. – HasBeen eLeague unveiled its 2020 Xbox FIFA 1v1-season schedule on Monday, with the winner taking home a cash prize of $30!

The league will welcome eight players this season and will play matches from April 19th through July 19th, in what will be the website’s first ever FIFA 1v1 season.

Week One Matchups can be found here:

2019 FIFA League Standings and Schedule

As always the action will be available digitally through the website’s twitch channel.

For more information regarding this and all other HasBeen eLeagues, please email us at

Camel Club Gaming Arrive

Nashville, TN. – The Has Been eLeague (HBeL) announced today it has welcomed a new esports club in Camel Club Gaming.

“We are very excited to welcome Camel Club Gaming to HasBeen eLeague,” HBeL representative Brian Taylor said. “We continue to see more and more amateur esports clubs expressing interest in our unique platform.”

“We plan on investing a lot of time and money in helping this club win HasBeen titles in both Rocket League and FIFA” said LT Weezal.

Rocket League Fall Schedule

Nashville, TN. – HasBeen eLeague unveiled its 2019 Rocket League fall-season schedule on Wednesday, with the winner taking home a $50 cash prize! The league increased to 6 clubs this past season and will play 30 matches from October 23rd through December 25th, in what will be the website’s third ever Rocket League season.

Week One Matchups Include:


Date Time


Date Time


Date Time

2019 Fall Rocket League Standings and Schedule

As always the action will be available digitally through the website’s twitch channel.

For more information regarding this and all other HasBeen eLeagues, please email us at

ByeBall Productions to join HBeLeague

Nashville, TN. – The Has Been eLeague (HBeL) announced today it has welcomed a new esports club in ByeBall Sports.

“We’re thrilled to have ByeBall Sports join HasBeen eLeague,” HBeL representative Brian Taylor said. “It’s exciting to watch our league as it continues to grow in both size and club brands after just one year of competition. We know that this club will be a tremendous addition.”

“As a team committed to FIFA Pro Clubs as our primary outlet for e-sports gaming, ByeBall Sports is very excited to be involved with the HasBeen eLeague for their FIFA 20 season. Although we are very new to the league scene that exists within the FIFA community, the opportunity to compete in a formal league setting is something that we have wanted to do for years now. We can’t thank HasBeen enough for the opportunity and look forward to the competition ahead.,” said BelieveItOrNot2.

Not wasting any time, the new club signed one of the top FIFA players in the league from HBeL darlings Vendetta GC….WyattDoesGames.

“It was a tough decision, said Wyatt. Vendetta was my childhood club but, after discussing it with my agent, we both thought it was time to follow my dream and sign for a new team. Perhaps one day I will finish my career with vendetta, but for now, I think, this is where I need to be.



FIFA20 Kickoff Tourney

We are proud to announce our very first online FIFA Tournament! This 1v1 tournament will provide an opportunity for players to compete, gain HBeL experience and of course the potential to win some cold hard cash! Additionally, our partner esport clubs will be scouting players to sign onto their roster.


This weekend 09/28/19 & 09/29/19. We will release a bracket of matchups by Friday 09/27/19.

Who Can Play:

Individual players must be at least 18 years old with FIFA 20 on either PS4 or XBOX One consoles.

Game Mode:

This tournament will be played on the Classic Online Friendlies mode of FIFA 20. This requires players to use traditional soccer clubs, compared to Ultimate Team where you build your own team.

Competition Format:

This competition will be a bracket style SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament. However, it is important to note that the competition format may differ, depending on the number of registrations. We will confirm the competition format prior to the tournament.

Prize Pool:

  • First Place = $100.00
  • Second Place = $50.00
  • Payouts based on a full 64 player tournament

How to Enter:

Please complete the PayPal form located in the sidebar to the right of this webpage and the home page to be entered into the competition prior to Friday, September 27th. The cost to enter this tournament is only $5.00!!


via: EASports

Hey FIFA fans,

We’re here today to share a preview and some details of this year’s updates for Pro Clubs.
We know this is a much-loved mode for many of our players and we’ve been working hard to incorporate community feedback and suggestions into offering increased customization for your Virtual Pro, new ways to play, and providing an overall better experience for everyone who counts Pro Clubs as one of their favorite modes.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of this year’s changes.


Creating your Virtual Pro is a huge part of the Pro Clubs experience, and we know how important it is for you to have as many options as possible when it comes to customizing and controlling your pros in the game.

For FIFA 20, we are introducing a new Avatar system that replaces player creation across the entire game – including Pro Clubs. This feature will bring new ways to design your Virtual Pro’s visual characteristics via an improved 4 quadrant axis morphing tool which not only allows you to morph and define each facial feature to your liking, but to also go further than ever with added morphing options and skin tones.

This new system also maintains all the features from the previous Virtual Pro system – from commentary name to updated goalkeeper gloves to setting your preferred celebration/set piece styles.

But we know that creating a player doesn’t only consist of making sure they ‘look right’, and that you have been requesting new positions for your Virtual Pros to play in to give you more control of the way you develop your game on the pitch. In FIFA 20, from community feedback, we have added back the following positions:

  • LF/RF
  • LW/RW

These newly added positions are also accompanied by a revitalized player progression system within FIFA 20, where choosing between different positions, heights and weights will now have a deeper impact on how your Virtual Pro moves and feels, with these choices affecting all of your Pro’s physical attributes.

Stamina has also been reviewed, and we’ve tuned the values to create a risk vs reward system – if you invest in stamina and pace, you will sacrifice other attributes for your pro.

All players will start their Pro Clubs experience at an 80 overall rating. From here, progression is earned through Drop In, League, and Cup Matches, with the remainder coming through player traits, which have also been revamped.

We’ve introduced over 30 additional traits for FIFA 20 that, if paired together with specialty traits, will allow you to take customization to the next level. They offer increased benefits to your pro, but at an increased cost and a potential effect on other attributes.


We have worked on re-branding the mode for FIFA 20 to add to the immersion you feel when experiencing a Pro Clubs match. In FIFA 20, we’ve implemented broadcast features such as replay transition wipes, an on-screen watermark, club banners and a new Pro Clubs logo. The club banners are influenced and defined by a team’s primary and secondary colors, and show the name of the club in the stands. Stadiums that support banners will display both home and away club banners throughout the matches.

We’ve also added AR (augmented reality) overlays to match intros, half time, and goal scores to enhance your broadcast match experience.

In addition to this, match types in Pro Clubs will now feature unique broadcast colors to distinguish the mode between Friendly, Cup, and League matches.

We’ve also changed how you’ll experience goal celebrations with your team. Once you score a goal, you’ll be able to celebrate with your entire team as the camera will not zoom on the goal scorer, but instead stay zoomed out so you can coordinate custom celebrations with your teammates. See below for an example we coordinated.

Match Types

We’re bringing two new ways to play Pro Clubs this year: House Rules Cups and Practice Match.

House Rules Cups takes the popular House Rules from FIFA’s Kick-Off mode and brings them into Pro Clubs. Replacing the old cups, House Rules Cups will rotate a match type every day of the week, with a different cup playable each weekend. The schedule is visible in-game so you’ll never miss your favourite cup.

Practice Match allows for Clubs to practice individually or as a team against varied AI difficulties, from beginner to legendary. In addition to the available difficulties, you can set which tactics you want to play against (i.e. Possession based or High Pressure) and what overall rating you want your AI opponents to be, from 80 rated all the way to 99 overall rated players.

We know that this has been a highly-requested feature in Pro Clubs and consider this to be a valuable first step, as we look to the future of Pro Clubs.”

Pro Clubs – Requested Improvements

In addition to all the new Gameplay Features coming for FIFA 20 – which will all be present within Pro Clubs – the team has also focused on tackling some of your frustrations to give you a better overall experience.

Some of the main ones that have been tackled in FIFA 20 Pro Clubs are as follows:

  • ‘Any’ Stamina Bug – Stamina drained faster for the player controlling the ‘Any’ position
  • CB in wall – The game now places taller forwards and midfielders in the wall to defend against Free Kicks
  • GK Set Piece – Having a GK as captain will no longer affect game stability when your team has a set piece to take
  • Club Trophy Celebration – Clubs can now watch the full Cup Celebration when you win

Another hot topic in the Pro Clubs community is Kit Clashing. This year we have added over 25 new customizable kits and over 150 crests to choose from.
Alongside these additions, we have also added a Pre-Match Kit Select for all Pro Club matches. Once a match is found, the team captains can pick what kits their team will see locally for the upcoming match. The kits displayed represent what both teams currently have selected as their default home and away kits. The Pre-Match kit selection will work with our kit clashing logic in unison to help deliver the best experience, free of kit clashing for players.

We hope you have enjoyed this preview of Pro Clubs in FIFA 20. We’ve had a great time working hard to develop new features and incorporate your feedback, and we are watching, listening to and reading all the feedback that comes our way.

Bionic Fox Takeover Spring Rocket League

Nashville – Bionic Fox Gaming are HBeL Spring Season Champions.

Bionic Fox bounced back from their humbling first couple weeks in the league to finish the season on an incredible eight match unbeaten streak, with a final record of 8W-0D-2L. In doing so, the guys at Bionic Fox will be taking home the $50 spring season prize pool calculated from feature match views.




We sat down with the guys at Bionic Fox Gaming to ask them what stood out this season:

  1. This league is full of talent which leads to competitive games.
  2. The commentary and featured matches were really well done.
  3. Other teams were easy to communicate with and fun to compete against.