• Players cannot manage two different teams in one season

  • Utilization of game play aspects widely regarded as providing an unfair advantage or bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any player found to be using these or unsporting behavior will be removed from the league.

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. Players caught cheating, glitching or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from the tournament

  • Anyone found verbally abusing other players in any form will be banned from the site.

  • Players who allow a banned or otherwise illegal player to play on their account will be banned from the league.

  • Matches will end in a win, loss or draw (no overtime or golden ball).


  • Home player must send game invites to the opposing player.

  • If the a players, internet, EA servers or system freezes, the match should be restarted, assuming the score at which the game disconnected and using an accumulative 90 minutes.

  • Once a full 90 minutes is completed, the match is considered final and the result should be submitted to the league.

  • Players that don’t meet the match times set by the league will receive a forfeit loss unless a reschedule is agreed by both players.

  • If a player plays with an illegal team, they will receive an automatic loss.

  • If a player forfeits / receives an automatic loss more than two matches in a season, the player will be removed from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

  • All players have the right to quit out of a match (with proof) and call for a restart, if the opposing player (a) started a match with the wrong team (b) started a match with the wrong settings.

  • Forfeits / Automatic losses will result in a 3-0 scoreline for the winner.

  • No player is allowed to play a formation with 5 defenders at the back at any time or the match will result in that club forfeiting.

  • Blocking the goalie at any time during the game is not allowed.


  • Players will be given three official reschedules per season where the opposing team must accommodate the request. 

  • Players must inform their opponent that they are attempting to reschedule at least two hours prior to the start  time. Once a player has communicated to the opposition that they wish to reschedule, they must also contact the league.

  • If a player asks for a reschedule within two hours of the scheduled game time, it is then up to the discretion of the opposition. 


  • Each player (Home and Away) must submit results within 2 hours following each match. No excuses.

  • Results must be video recorded after every game played with video proof of results. Players must submit the twitch link along with the results in the game in the match results form.

  • The player must include the match highlights in the Twitch stream.

  • All results must be 100% clear for the league to understand. If they are not, you run the risk of the result being unable to be recorded.

  • The league can request for proof of results at any time.

  • All results are final. No alterations are to be made / submitted under any circumstances.

  • In the instance that both players report conflicting results, the match will be placed into dispute and will be handled by a league representative.

  • In the event of a dispute, both players will be asked to provide evidence of their match victory.

  • If neither player can provide evidence of their match victory, both players will be given a draw as the result.


  • There will be 2 (two) separate divisions – Division One and Division Two.

  • No international teams allowed…clubs only.
  • Players will play each other a minimum of twice per season (depending on the total number of clubs).

  • Players must determine the club they wish to use for the duration of the season.
  • No two players will be allowed to use the same team in a given season.
  • End of season standings will be decided based upon the highest point totals. Should a tie in the standings occur the leader will be determined by –  Head to Head record, Goal Differential, Total Wins, Goals For, Goals Against. 

  • At the end of each season, the bottom 2 (two) teams from Division One will be relegated to Division Two for the next season. The top 2 (two) teams from Division Two will earn automatic promotion to the Division One. 

  • The league champion will receive the majority portion of the league buy-in.


  • The OPEN Cup is a one leg knockout cup involving all clubs in which matches are played during the season. 

  • There will be a randomized draw to determine the matchup for each round. Clubs will move on one round at a time until the Final.

  • The final winner will receive a prize to be determined by the website admins.