Fortnite Adds In-Game Tournaments

via: ESportsObserver

  • Fortnite has added in-game tournaments that will allow players on all platforms to participate in organized competition.
  • The feature further establishes Epic Games’ commitment to Fortnite as a sustainable esport.
  • In-game tournaments will allow the game to develop an amateur competitive scene, enabling the next generation of Fortnite pros.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released an update for the popular battle royale game that will allow all players to participate in tournaments directly through the in-game client. Tournaments will be cross-platform, meaning players on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms will compete directly against one another, which is a rarity in competitive gaming.

The addition of in-game tournaments is an important step in Fortnite’s growth as an esport. Most major esports from have a path for players to grow from casual competitor to professional player. In League of Legends anyone looking to become a pro can hone their skills in ranked online play, participate in third party tournaments, and then eventually make their way onto a team competing in a high-level league. Fortnite lacks that clear amateur and semi-pro process. Currently, Epic’s competition format is almost entirely restricted to top-level streamers and influencers, and has been beset by technical issues.

The introduction of in-game tournaments will allow aspiring players to participate in officially sanctioned competitions, regardless of their popularity on Twitch or affiliation with a professional esports organization. This is critical for any esport to survive long-term, as it will supply new talent as top players move away from the title.

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