NHL 20 Beta | Should you buy the game?

EA Sports has become pretty well known for tossing a fresh coat of paint on their games every year and selling it as FRESH, NEW & REVOLUTIONARY! With new fancy feature names like “RPM Tech-powered gameplay” or “full offensive threat analysis” it’s hard to know if any of it is actually game changing or if Dave in the marketing department decided a bug fix was something he could use to sell the new title. Having put a dozen or so hours into the beta I thought Id put together a list of what is ACTUALLY different and give my opinion on if it’s worth shelling out $60+ come release day.

Goalies are (slightly) less dumb

I cant tell you how many times I would be playing a game of NHL 19 online and end up screaming at my TV because the goalie would leave a JUICY rebound at the top of the crease that little Timmy on the U13 orange team would have been able to cover. In NHL 20 I’ve noticed that the Goaltenders actually make an effort to control those rebounds, or at the very least direct the puck to the corner so that the defense can clean up the mess.

That being said, many of the infamous “glitch goals” from NHL 19 seem to still work. But, overall there was definitely a much needed improvement here.

Pro players have their own unique shots now 

If your favorite NHL player goes down to a knee when shooting off of a one timer in real life he now does the same in NHL 20. Is this cool? Yes. Does its add a layer of realism to the visuals? Yup. Does it change gameplay at all? Nope.

No new game modes for you

In their marketing material they claim they revamped One’s to be sorta Battle Royale-y … But it’s literally the same game mode. Don’t let them fool you.


They added all sorts of new clothing & equipment that you can equip to your player in the “World of CHEL” game mode. Its pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing, but again … it doesn’t change gameplay.

Should you buy?

I mean … it depends on what kind of player you are.

If you just want to play a NHL season with your favorite team in the offline Franchise mode and you already have NHL 19, you can probably skip NHL 20.

If you are a Hardcore online player that puts hours and hours into the game and values realism, go ahead and preorder.  They have definitely made some improvements to the AI, it’s not mind blowing but its worth checking out.

See you on the ice!

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