Over the Century Mark

NASHVILLE,TN (February 24, 2019)

HBeL is pleased to announce that in just a few short months, the website has surpassed 100 registered players.

The current breakdown is as follows:

Playstation 4 = 27 players (27%)

Xbox One = 74 players (73%)

HIGHEST VALUED PLAYER: PhStephenHD – 3580 (credits)
usa United States
Xbox One
Contract Length
1 season
FIFA & Rocket League
Current Team
For Da Boiz Gaming


SeasonClubPlayer ValueRL SavesRL Clean SheetRL AssistsRL GoalsN GoalsN Clean SheetN AssistsF Clean SheetF AssistsF GoalsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearances
ROCKETLEAGUE19 WINTER SEASONFor Da Boiz Gaming00000000000000
XB FIFA19 BETA SEASONFor Da Boiz Gaming22750000000279109
XB FIFA19 WINTER SEASONFor Da Boiz Gaming9750000000033006

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