• All teams must create and use a non-branded crest their club. (Suggest for logo creation)
  • All clubs have a minimum roster size of 3 players however, matches will be 2v2 format.
  • Any player that isn’t on your club’s official roster and plays will result in your club forfeiting. Repeated offenders will lose their manager and be banned for the remainder of the season.
  • If a manager leaves a club, someone on the club may take over with league approval. If the entire team leaves, all players will be released from the roster into the free agent pool.
  • Managers cannot manage two different teams in one season
  • If manager resigns during a season, he/she cannot play for any other club in the league other than their current club for the rest of the season.
  • Anyone found verbally abusing other players in any form will be banned from the site.
  • Players signed with one club but, found guilty of playing with another club on a separate account will be banned from the league.
  • Players who allow a banned or otherwise illegal player to play on their account will be banned from the league.
  • To sign-up a new team, please fill out this form.


  • Any goal(s) scored before a club quits or lags out still stands when the match is restarted.
  • A “match” will be a best of 5 to determine the winner, with stats from all 5 games being totaled.
  • Once a match is completed, the match is considered final and stats should be submitted to the league.
  • Clubs that don’t meet the match times set by the league will receive a forfeit loss unless a reschedule is agreed by both Managers.
  • If a club plays with an illegal player (suspended player or a player not on official roster), they will receive an automatic loss.
  • If a club forfeits / receives an automatic loss more than two matches in a season, the manager will be removed from the roster for the remainder of the season.
  • Forfeits / Automatic losses will result in a 3-0 scoreline for the winner with no stats counted for either team.


  • Managers will be given three official reschedules per season where the opposing team must accommodate the request.
  • Managers must inform their opponent that they are attempting to reschedule at least two hours prior to the start  time. Once a manager has communicated to the opposing club that they wish to reschedule, they must also contact the league.
  • If a manager asks for a reschedule within two hours of the scheduled game time, it is then up to the discretion of the opposing manager.


  • Each manager (Home and Away) must submit stats within 2 hours following each match. No excuses.
  • Stats must be video recorded after every game played with video proof of stats. Managers must submit the twitch link along with the stats in the game in the submission form.
  • All stats must be 100% clear for the league to understand. If they are not, you run the risk of the stats being unable to be recorded.
  • The league can request for proof of stats at any time. If a manager is found guilty of blatant stat padding, they will be subject to a permanent ban from the league.
  • Rocket League stats are final. No alterations are to be made / submitted under any circumstances.


  • Shutouts / Goals / Assists / Games Participated


  • Only managers can put a player on their roster.
  • All players must register with the league, prior to participation. That form can be found HERE.
  • All players must be on a roster prior to the season beginning in order to be eligible to play. Absolutely no adding players after the season begins.
  • If a player wishes to change teams, they must do so between seasons.
  • All managers and players involved in a transaction will receive a confirmation email or pm in discord.


  • There will be 2 (two) separate divisions – Division One and Division Two.
  • Clubs will play each other a minimum of twice per season (depending on the total number of clubs).
  • End of season standings will be decided based upon the highest point totals. Should a tie in the standings occur the leader will be determined by –  Head to Head record, Goal Differential, Total Wins, Goals For, Goals Against.
  • At the end of each season, the bottom 2 (two) teams from Division One will be relegated to Division Two for the next season. The top 2 (two) teams from Division Two will earn automatic promotion to the Division One.
  • The league champion will receive a majority portion of the league buy-in.